Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are Your Relationships Healthy?

Often times we tend to makes exuses when people hurt us or when we are hurtful to others. While nobody is perfect, if you find yourself always being hurt, or always hurting others than your relationships might be unhealthy.

A lot of emphasis is always put on romantic relationships, and that’s understandable our partners mean a lot to us, but what about the other relationships in our lives? Do you get along with your family members? Can you trust your friends? Do you respect your teachers?

Happy, well-rounded people strive to have healthy relationships in all aspects of their lives. What is a healthy relationship you ask?

•A healthy relationship is one rooted in mutual respect where you don’t call other people names or let other people call you names.

•A healthy relationship is where people trust each other and know that a person would never steal from them, lie to them, or use anything that they say or do against them.

•A healthy relationship is when you can solve conflicts with out hitting or name calling.

•A healthy relationship is when everybody can be themselves and you don’t have to do things just to make somebody else happy.

Do you have healthy relationships? If not, ask yourself why not and what you can do to change things.

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