Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Watching Amy's Story

Last night I watched an intriguing documentary called Telling Amy’s Story. It involves a woman who was murdered by her abusive husband from a prolonging physical and emotional relationship. As I watched the movie, I had an entity of mixed emotions since I am versed in the signs of domestic violence. It was difficult for me to understand why no one assisted Amy along the way. The most frustrating part is that I couldn’t help her and that I just had to sit there to witness the ending results. After a discussion about it with friends and having a night to sleep on it, I have a better understating of the documentary. I was able to take two steps back and visualize myself as the victim or a friend of Amy’s the documentary as a whole is very good and I took a lot away from it.  There are new signs that I learned about that I would’ve never been able to notify; I would’ve thought that it was just young love. I think everyone should see this documentary because it is a good learning tool to learn about signs of domestic violence and a lesson to my generation about making a “happy ending” in such a torturous, series of unfortunate events. MUST SEE GO WATCH NOW!!!


Jordan Ferguson

To learn more about Telling Amy's Story visit the official website.

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